jeudi, juillet 19, 2007

Like pillows.

 "I was thinking about this a minute ago in the other room. How last weekend I slept with two bearded guys. One of them fucked me while the other guy blew me, I guess. They kept calling me 'that'. One would ask, 'What does that taste like ?' and 'What's the temperature inside that ?' and the other would say, 'Really great', or whatever. It made me feel weird. It made me realize I'm importante to certain people. I don't have to do anything. Being pretty or young or whatever's enough. Sometimes... I wish I could just sort of temporarily die. Guys could move me around, whatever. I wouldn't have a first name, just a surface. Like pillows. They don't have individual names. They don't mean anything, but people sleep with them.

Frisk - Dennis Cooper (p.7)

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