lundi, août 13, 2007

Ha ha your dead.

 "I mean, I know there's no God. People are only their bodies, and sex is the ultimate intimacy, etc., but it's not enough. Like you. I find what I know about you amazing, so amazing I can't get beyond my awe. So part of me wants to dismantle that awe or whatever, and see how you work. But I know that's selfish. Your life's as important as anyone's, including mine... so, I'm stuck."

Frisk - Dennis Cooper (p69)

Ca fait un bout de temps que je n'avais pas eu à, littéralement, faire une pause dans la lecture d'un roman, au milieu du chapitre NUMB, pour reprendre mon souffle, et secouer ces images hors de ma tête, Dennis Cooper je t'aime.

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